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Full Version: XBMC just won't load anything
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Well, maybe it's just going reeeeeeeaaaaaallly slow, but everything from enabling addons, to loading servers for the stream choices, and forget about even getting far enough to view any shows (on any addon), are all just going nowhere. I had xbmc prior to reformatting my computer and it worked great, but now it's literally unwatchable. I've tried messing around with specific addons, but every single addon gives the "working" box but won't load anything at all. Once again, NOT talking about buffering. I wish I could even get that far.

I tried a speed test and my comp is dling at 46 mbps and uploading at 12 mbps.
Read this first please:

Official:Forum_rules/Banned_add-ons (wiki)

And if you don't talk to one of those repos or addons, please explain which addon you are talking about.

I'm talking about everything. Nothing works.
As you won't get any support to the addons I linked above, we could talk about the youtube addon.

Enable debug logging, reboot, try playing a youtube video and then (depending to your OS) grab a Debug Log, paste it on pastebin.com and provide the url pleass
(2014-12-11, 00:35)rda435446 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm talking about everything. Nothing works.

Which means nothing to us, because it appears that "everything" you've tried only includes add-ons for bootleg videos. Had you tried an add-on for something else, like YouTube or the PBS add-on, then you would see that it is not "everything".