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Full Version: Series Mr. Moto not found?
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How could I make tMM scrape Mr. Moto? It does not find it in the 2 series data bases.
try to search in tvdb without the dot (.) -> Mr Moto

tvdb has a bad search engine within the api..
Thank you, mlaggner,

I had already tried different variations: Mr., Mr, Moto. In both of the data bases. Nothing found. May be there is another way?
we currently support only 2 TV show sites.
If it is not listed there (search directly on their site!), TMM cannot fetch anything (d'oh!)
But you have the following possibilities:

1) manaul add the information inside TMM (you benefit)
2) add the information to the TvDB or other sites, so all people could benefit from that.
3) tell us a metadata site, which has the information (so we could add it in near future)
Thank you, myron,

Well, I had not had the idea, that Mr. Moto is not listed in one of those series data bases, but obviously it is not, very strange. Here I found it: http://www.fernsehserien.de/mr-moto

May be it is not a series generally, but movies...but as I have the items once automatically named with a series scheme, there must be a such a data base, but I do not remember anymore.