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Full Version: How to display more than one data source?
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How can one display more than one data source at the same time, e.g. the data sources "Movies 1" and "Movies 2"?
They should both show up in movies once they are properly in the library. ;
Thank you, nickr,

Yes, they do. Sorry for bad expressioning. Suppose, you have 6 data sources in total, but you want to display only to of them. You can display one data source or all data sources at the same time, but how can you show 2 data sources at the same time?

Thanks again.
Perhaps with a smart playlist, using the paths.
How would I have to do it with such a playlist?
(2014-12-14, 12:37)rnijenhu Wrote: [ -> ]Smart_playlists (wiki)

Many thanks for the link, rnijenhu.

And many thanks for making it so clearly, dabourb, now I can understand it quite a bit more.

But actually I do not quite understand how such a playlist could let tMM show 2 or more data sources at the same time.

Many thanks again.
erm.. well.
For XMBC the smart playlists are your friend.

Unfortunately, we are here in the tinyMediaManager forum, so.... you cant.
Similar answer to your problem here
I think I led this thread astray by suggesting smart playlists, not realising that we were in the tmm forum. Sorry about that. Penalty of posting from tapatalk.
You are always most welcome, nickr.