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Full Version: Renamer TV Show Episodes vs. Renamer Movies video format
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I have a question about the renaming of TV episodes.
Is it possible to add a episode file name field like in the Movies renamer or a video format checkbox (add episode video format to filename) ?

In the movie renamer I can choose the file name addon like $F for video format like 720p or 1080p.
I have all my tv show episodes named that way so that I know if the are 720 or 1080. If I use the Renamer for tv shows to add the episode title to filename I would lose the video format addition.

Before: About.a.Boy.S01E01.720p.mkv
After: About.a.Boy.S01E01.Pilot.mkv

Would prefer: About.a.Boy.S01E01.Pilot.720p.mkv

Thank You
we are redesigning the renamer options at the moment;
I will respect your request in the next changes (if possible Big Grin)