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Full Version: SDL gamepad database
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Are you going to or have you implemented the use of the community maintained SDL gamepad database?

Wow, this is exactly the database we need!

I plan to fork this and add a DB for each joystick API we support. This includes DirectInput, android's API (someday) and the Linux Joystick API (for when SDL f*cks up controller detection). We also support XInput, microsoft's new joystick API, but fortunately all controllers that support this are deterministically mapped to 360 buttons by the driver. Maybe someday we'll need a DB for OSX.

This database has three direct impacts on our configuration utility:
  • First, buttons will be labelled to match their controller ("A", "Start", "Left stick", etc) instead of showing as raw data ("Button 1", "Button 2", "Axis 1").
  • Second, keymaps can be determined automatically so we can support these joysticks out of the box (otherwise, users will have to configure buttons 1-by-1).
  • Third, analog sticks can be configured by stick instead of by axis - "Move stick" instead of "Move stick up", "Move stick down", "Move stick right", "Move stick left".

All three directly improve user experience.

I plan to croudsource these DBs similar to topfs2's data gathering project. A simple python script will ask the user to type in or select a label for each button and report the results. Every joystick reported gives us the three benefits listed above.
I believe that the SDL database is crowdsourced by Steam Big Picture users.

Also Overgrowth (the video game) uses this to make game controllers plug and play.

Also I saw a lot of commits recently, is it safe to go from Helix rc3 to your build now? I mean continue to have my regular Kodi functions, and be able to play with your features as unfinished as you have implemented them yet?
first input, then rebase on kodi. FWIW there's a 13.2 branch now