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Full Version: Danish Live TV addon - problems
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I am usng the Danish TV addon. Works well, apart from a consistent problem when the stream stops, buffers, restarts, stops, rebuffers ..... this always happens between 4-5 mins. of playing.

The stream quality is 720 kbps.

I also find that the same or higher quality streams in other live stream addons play without any buffering.

I have adjusted various settings in advancedsettings.xml which seem to make little difference to the DRTV problem.

Using openelec 4 on a raspi - braodband of 6 mb.

Any hints, advice, solutions gratefully received.
Despite trying various versions of Kodi, I'm still unable to get DR tv live channels to play for more than approx. 5 mins before the stream buffers or locks up.

Has anyone any hints, or has experienced the same problem?

Streaming is reported as 720 AAC format.

It's as if the buffer exceeds the playing time ....