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Full Version: Ubuntu (probs work on other distros) Menu Bar* (at top showing in full screen)
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Ubuntu 14.04 Kodi 14.0 “Helix” – RC 3 probably effects other versions and distros I have seen similar.

Simple fix:
gksudo nautilus


OR!! Just go 'computer' and search for 'Kodi' and on the icon right click>open item location << that is the quickest way


Copy and paste the Kodi .desktop Icon into a folder named Kodi Original Launcher and then copy that folder and rename the folder Kodi Edited Launcher, saved some where SAFE encase you mess things up and aren't completely savi with .launcher files. (or know how to use or have installed the Gnome Create Launcher APP, if you don't its worth learning how to create your OWN custom launchers).

LEAVE gksudo nautilus /usr/share/applications OPEN and work between the 2. Easy.

So, now open gedit>open>kodi.desktop FROM THE FOLDER NAMED Kodi Edited Launcher <<<

and then replace:

[Desktop Action Fullscreen]
Name=Open in fullscreen
Exec=kodi -fs << EDIT THIS LINE!!**

[Desktop Action Fullscreen]
Name=Open in fullscreen
Exec=xbmc -fs <<TO THIS LINE!!*

Save file, copy and paste to gksudo nautilus /usr/share/applications folder still open, replace. Wallah, will always open up full screen with no bar at the top.

Like other APPS on Ubuntu or derivatives IF you edit a launcher and then the APP gets an update and installs via PPA or you download and install it the launcher will be OVER written with the new and will NOT work, so you can just edit them again.

That's my work around. Cool
Hi Skelmy.

please i am not able to find folder "Kodi Original Launcher" in whole computer using search option. could you please specify path? i have last KODi and ubuntu server 1404 LTS with Unity GUI and have same problem as you

Startup app kodi doesnt work any paramter since i red that turn off paramters. also try meny things on internet like compiz manager byt didnt work at all.

thanks a lot
Try this


If you cant manage it with that. and this 2nd method is what I use.



Then just type 'create launcher' in terminal to open it up, then you can create (this is how I do and did it) your own launcher for create launcher its self, by using its own icon or down load one.

You can then down load ANY icons you want, including Kodi, png, make sure they are square ones and then put them in your icons folder or some where safe and use them to create the launchers.

I have done it manually but this saves A HECK of a lot of time and effort to be quite honest.

the command to open kodi is simply kodi from the terminal, any terminal command that will open up an APP you can use, IF it's command line sudo based you will have to state then when creating the launcher.

I have LOADS of my own custom launchers, I used to customise chrome, but every time it updates you need to make a new launcher that is the only thing.

Kodi will be OK though.