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Full Version: Condition for control-fixedlist-attribute "movement" (Confluence main menu)
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Hey there,

let's say i want to do something like this:
Quote:<control type="fixedlist" id="9000">
<movement condition="StringCompare(Container(9000).NumItems,1) | StringCompare(Container(9000).NumItems,2)">2</movement>
<movement condition="StringCompare(Container(9000).NumItems,3) | StringCompare(Container(9000).NumItems,4)">1</movement>

Any hint on how to do it?
"movement" doesn't seem to allow a condition like some other attributes.

I even ended up duplicating the complete "<control type="fixedlist" id="9000">" while disabling one or the other via visible/enable condition. That works well, but creates some minor problems becuase of the duplicated container id "9000" so it's no real solution.

Thanks for reading!
I doubt it will work but have you tried using a variable for the movement?
Yes, i tried using a variable, but didn't work out as expected.

Thanks anyway, Hitcher: Smile