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Full Version: unable to start a window manager
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hi Smile

Im running Xubuntu 14.04 and Kodi Helix RC3 on a AMD E350
im on kernel 3.16.7

Im having a problem with launching a browser from kodi
i have a script where i try to start a windowmanager (xfwm4) first
but it fails to start.. i get this error: Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:0
i tried to export DISPLAY="0" doesn't help (and display 1 & 0.0)
i tried to install openbox and use that.. but same
tried to use --replace tag still no go

xfwm4 &
kill %1

It's the exact same script i used to run on gotham but now it fails..

any help is deeply appreciated Smile

If you run it from the xbmc session, it won't work. Start xbmc from the desktop and it will.
i just found out that i don't need to start a window manager.. seems like there's already one in kodi?
no, not the kind that you want to start chrome. But if you run xubuntu and start kodi from the desktop, you obviously already have a WM.