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Full Version: Zotac ZBOX BI320 *Opinion please* Too good to be true?
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(2014-12-23, 00:48)Mark142 Wrote: [ -> ]
Shabuboy.. Is that the Newegg one? Do they ship to UK?

Yes, I got the one from Newegg (here), and according to the reviews and specs, it is not a barebone!. It could vary to what I actually get though... Big Grin

No idea about UK shipping, sorry.

Item is back to regular $242 price.
I figured we'd see more chatter in this thread by now. Hasn't anyone received their BI320 yet?
I'm waiting for mine... I regret not paying the £7 for next day delivery. It originally said sometime before the 5th Jan.. Although since I ordered they have removed the listing and I suspect it may have been a mis price. Although I am yet to receive a refund or any correspondence regarding it.
(2014-12-27, 19:14)Mark142 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm waiting for mine...
I'm also waiting for mine. The tracking information says the postal service delivered it yesterday, but it wasn't in my mailbox or on my porch. Hopefully it will show up today.
I hope you get yours so at least the thread was not in vain.
Shabuboy and I bought from Newegg. A coworker of mine also bought one from Newegg. I wouldn't have been aware of the BI320 without this thread though.
Server cases UK has it at a similar price so probably not a misprice.

I also ordered from CCL but no dispatch note yet. Having said that, at order time it did say estimated delivery Jan 5th.

Fingers crossed, looks like this little box could blow a lot of others very cleanly out the water!

Oh and server cases have the same manufacturer sku as CCL (BI320-B) and list it as having 2GB RAM.
I ordered one of these from NewEgg. Since I have already received it I thought I might post my experiences.

The unit does indeed come with a 64GB SSD and 2GB of RAM (i.e. it is NOT a barebones unit). I had ordered some more RAM for it at the same time I ordered the computer itself, so I can't speak to the performance with 2GB of RAM installed. However, with the 8GB I have in there, it sems pretty snappy. The computer is very well put together, and very easy to open up to swap out or add components. It does have a fan, but it's as close to silent as you can get IMHO. There is also space for a 2.5" drive bay, so you can easily add 1 or 2 TB of storage to supplement the onboard SSD. The USB ports are a mixture of USB 3,.0 and 2.0.

The computer came with Windows pre-installed, and also with a restore DVD. Not sure how I would restore from the DVD without a USB DVD drive, but whatever. I booted off a USB stick and installed KodiBuntu. I didn't have any luck booting off a USB 3.0 thumb drive, but that may have been an issue with the thumb drive rather than the computer. I did have to go into the BIOS and set the USB device mode to "Force FDD" before it would let me add it to the boot order.

This is my first experience with XBMC/Kodi. I am using this computer for two purposes: as a media center, and also as the resident Linux box in a home with all Windows machines. I have a very old Ubuntu box that is taking up space and generating heat, so I am hoping this PC can fill its function and I can retire it.
I'm looking to add another Chromebox or possibly something like one of these Zotac boxes. Is one any better then the other? Basically all I would use this for would be Openelec and surfing the web.
Chromebox + single boot Openelec + Chromium Web Browser: (No DRM content like Netflix etc. however)

Chromebox + dual boot Openelec / Chrome OS = full spec Chrome web browser (for DRM Netflix)
(compatible keyboard needed for dual boot)

Zotac BI320 + Win 8.1 + Kodi + full Web Browser + Windows Store = Kodi, Netflix and Hulu apps and a lot more in a single boot configuration.

Zotac extras compared to a Chromebox:
- 64GB SSD vs 16GB SSD
- Can mount a 2.5" SATA3 6.0 Gb/s HDD internally
- Headphone and Mic ports
- Toslink port for S/PDIF output
- Intel Quick Sync Video technology (Intel Celeron 2957U vs 2955U)
- No Bluetooth V4.0 or WiFi tho, just buy cheap usb dongles
- $100 Windows 8.1
- Powercord changeable cheaply for a local compatible power supply socket. (HP Chromebox the same, not ASUS)


Edit: No WIFI + Forgot Toslink cheers Topken...
Another + for me with the zbox bi320 is the Toslink out for soundbar/AVR setup. And to be honest Microsoft is giving away Windows 8.1 with bing to companies for purposes like these little boxes so there is no added cost for Windows here. Ontop of that This box works perfectly with windows unlike the chromebox which has issues mainly NO Audio via HDMI which is a major flaw for the chromebox. Bluetooth would be pretty simple to add with a cheap dongle tho. They go for less then $10 and as low as a couple of $s so no big expense adding it
Gangstarrrrr do you have a link for the one at server cases. Thanks.
Just happened to be searching as well, sharp pricing, ship internationally ....

£74.64 (Ex. VAT) - £89.57 (Inc. VAT)


Lol. I was actually looking for it myself on this website but could.not see it.. It is early here in the UK so that's my excuse. Thanks. May order from here a well just in case. And then return which ever one turns up second. I can not afford to miss out in this.
Oo 20% VAT ouch!
For us convicts Down Under its 0% and no duties for below AUD$1000, OSeas Mail Order. Smile
How much longer this last tho is the million dollar question.

Scratching my head over WiFi missing in the specs tho @ servercase ??
I suspect it just the usual BI320 / Win 8.1 box, and they have overlooked including it on the list.

Edit: Same SKU number as the Kikatek website on page one: Manufacturers SKU: ZBOX-BI320-B
So it includes WiFi. Wink
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