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Full Version: Airplay isn't working on XBMCbuntu
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I just installed xbmcbuntu-13.0 gotham on my laptop. XBMC is working fine on my laptop. But after enabling airplay in my xbmc settings its not showing up on my ipad in any apps. (Itunes, Youtube)

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Not currently possible to fix: 199277 (thread)
It worked 1 week ago on my raspberry pi with xbmc installed on ios 8.1 i didnt update ios or changed the raspberry pi settings and its still not working at the moment.
post a debug log (wiki) - also ensure that xbmc and the ios devices are in the same subnet.
What do you exactly mean with same subnet? My xbmc is connected to a lan cable and my ios device with wifi (ofcourse) Is that what you mean or something different in my router settings?
What of Debug Log was problematic to understand?