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Full Version: Kodi 14.0 Helix - Released!
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Congratulations to everyone involved
Merry Christmas
Thank you for the wonderful gift of Kodi Smile
First post after a long time of loitering in the background and it is to say thank you to all involved with the superb job done with Kodi Helix. Hats off to you all and Merry Christmas!!
Thank you for all of your hard work Kodi team!!!!
happy birthday kodi and merry xmas
realy nice work Team Kodi !!!!
Congratulations Team Kodi and thanx for all the hard work !
I wish you all merry christmas.
Wonderful news, but I will never call it the k-word...! Wink
Thanks to KODI TEAM.....GREAT JOB!!!!!!
Congratulation & a huge thank you to the team.

And this picture... Why didn't you put this as the new defaults background image instead of the bubbles (since 3 releases)?
Is this available in HD? Would you drop a link?
My boys would find this MEGA-COOL....! Smile

Happy Christmas to you all - and all of the Kodi users.

Kind regards - Chris
Thanks for all your work, KODI will be used to watch all our holiday movies, Elf, A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, and of course A Charlie Brown Christmas. KODI will keep the peace in our house Smile

Please put your feet up and enjoy KODI for a while before the elves get to work on the next update.

Happy Holidays...
Thanks to all involved
Nice christmas present... Smile

i hope that the final kodibuntu version with 64 bit will also be online soon coz till now its the last 32 bit rc version on the mirrors :O
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