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Full Version: updrade to kodi bad mistake
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i had a finely working w8 serving xbmc with sql. i used my mac laptop to connect via the advancedsettings and sources files. now that i've udated to kodi on the server and the mac client, i cannot run the program, it halts on the splash screen.
What happens if you restore to the original advancedsettings.xml and remove the sources.xml ?
Are the new libraries properly build in mysql ?
debug log (wiki) needed. See the advanced page for how to enable this when XBMC/Kodi crashes right away.
(2014-12-27, 01:59)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]debug log (wiki) needed. See the advanced page for how to enable this when XBMC/Kodi crashes right away.

thanks, let me take a look and gather your log files- its a server that is win8 that has the sql on it and the mac client crashes if the advsettings xml is in place pointing to the server video database.
hi so im not sure how to enable the debug log on mac if the program fails to open past the spash screen. the w8 server that has the msql instance on it seems to be working ok(many of the watched shows became unwatched at upgrade. is there a way to ensure it is using the msql db? ) on the win8 server i have renamed the sources file and it still works. on the remote mac- i have security credentials ok and if advanced fileis enabled it will not start,
pretty default sql setup and advanced.
Hi so i found the problem. the network connection on the w8 msql host changed itself to a public 'unknown' network and the firewall blocked other lan kodi's from getting to mysql.

so it was a firewall issue related to w8 changing it's network identification for no reason.

hope this helps-

running the kodi release versions now fine on all machines

thanks, dave
You could have named that thread to "updated to windows 8 - bad mistake" Wink
HA! unfortunately in my case w8 was running gotham all through beta and release and the previous version and never came across this, it was a matter of time that i guess coordinated with an upgrade to KODI. i am guessing unrelated to the upgrade unless KODI tries to get to the IP address of the MYSQL server differently.

in any case it's good to know to look for this if it crops up on my other gotham >> Kodi upgrades on other mysql setups.

dont' get me wrong, w8 SUUUUUCCCCKKKKSSS!