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Full Version: modify skin home menu to add another function?
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In looking at some of the other skins, they have an android apps section on the home screen that shows all the installed android apps.

Is there a way to somehow add this to the left menu on xeebo?

I was looking at the confluence skin and found this code in the home.xml.

Can I simply paste this into xeebo's home.xml file (think it is called includes_home_alt.xml in my xeebo and have it work or is it not that easy? I did try it but it would not load the xml file and I had to delete the skin file to get it back.

Maybe I can add a sub men under extras to do it? any tips or help than can do it?


I am able to favorite the android apps in confluence custom mod, then just click on the home screen favorites and see them in xeebo, but would prefer to have a separate section that pulls the android apps without having to switch skins and then favorite them.

Is it possible to add more items to the left menu? Like can I copy one of the existing buttons and then modify the code to add one?

below is the confluence code. can I modify say the weather one not he xeebo home and change the code on click to ActivateWindow(Programs,androidapp://sources/apps/,return)

<item id="9999">
<label>ANDROID APPS</label>
<visible>System.Platform.Android + !Skin.HasSetting(HomeMenuNoAppsButton)</visible>
<item id="1">
<onclick condition="!System.Platform.Android | !Skin.HasSetting(HomeMenuNoAppsButton)">ActivateWindow(Programs,Addons,return)</onclick>
<onclick condition="System.Platform.Android + Skin.HasSetting(HomeMenuNoAppsButton)">ActivateWindow(Programs)</onclick>
looks like I was able to figure it out. I made it a submenu of the extra menu, and figured out how to get the label to show and nab buttons to work. works a charm.

Wish I could make a normal menu, but so far when I try, alternate home xml file I use in xeebo won't load and only shows the background.

Overall, I'm good with the way it is now…. still have to test on the other fire tv unit I have, but so far so good.

Works great actually as a submenu, but decided to try something different.

I use the alternate home screen, so I added custom item with icon and set this as the path


Labeled it android apps, and voila, access to the installed android apps on the device and can favorite them from there too,

This has made my day. Smile

Just in case any of you wanted to access your android apps within Kodi with xeebo skin, here is the easy way to do it