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Full Version: Video playing sound only w/o images on pivos hd running android 4.0.4
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I installed Helix 14 last night and am having huge issues. To make a long story short once a video actually starts playing only the sound is coming through, the screen is completely black. I have uninstalled and reinstalled at least three times. this issue is occurring on all video add ons used. Can anyone help Huh?
Try to switch to software acceleration under video tab. It appears that should solve this issue for the most of the users.

However it didn't for me. Once software is enabled or hardware (just libstagefright) as suggested I don't have a sync between auto and video. Can anyone advise? Tried on Kodi and Gotham versions. Same issue. Even reinstaled whole device. No joy Sad

Android 4.2.2
Seems completely broken on the DS. I don't know why.
Switching to software acceleration I hope is only a work around and the issue is being looked at. While software acceleration did get the video playing, is was so slow that it was unwatchable.

I have both a DS version M1 and M3. The M1 did in fact play, video, but was stuttery. The M3 played no video at all. Switching back to Gotham 13.2 and everything is normal. So its definitely something in the code that is either a bug, or a requirement that the DS no longer meets.
Ok found a solution to my issue. Managed to download a 12.2 Frodo specially designed for MediaBox (DriodBox). Video is plating well now.
Thanks to everyone for the help. I had the same experience as you bgantzler, making the switch allowed video playback, but the speed was way off.
I reinstalled Gotham and seem to be not having any issues. I will keep frodo in mind siqarth if anything changes.
Thanks again everyone