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Full Version: Fire TV Stick Crippling Buffering Problem After Update
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I was wondering if anyone else besides me is having buffering issues using Kodi RC3 after the update? It's great that the picture did improve, but it came at the expense of Kodi's functionality in my case. About a day after updating from an absolutely factory software (, streaming seemed painfully slow. Watched the 2 min FF15 trailer from Youtube using Kodi & it kept on buffering about 5-6 mins. Used Speedtest & found out that I'm only averaging 2 Mbps dl (out of 15). The day before the Stick even went almost as high as 16, but after the update, streaming is an absolute nightmare! It's not a wifi problem as I've verified using Speedtest that my Roku consistently reads 15. I've tried sideloading SPMC to see if there are any improvements & upgrading to the stable 14, but nothing. Not a power issue either. Watching Amazon HD videos are perfectly fine & I'm even able to watch SD video with sideloaded Kdrama app without problems so I've concluded from my personal experience that the update might've been like a Trojan malware for Kodi/XBMC. I'd rather go with unrefined picture than debilitating speed, which defeats the purpose of the Stick. I've regretted updating ever since. Any fixes other than returning it & hoping to get an untainted firmware?

No problems with my two FTV Sticks. Some people have actually reported some improved network performance since that update.
I don't have any issues either. Are you streaming your kodi content from the same router? Could it be a connection problem between your source PC/server and the stick?
Don't you only use 1 router for your internet? It's not an issue with my router. I don't know if the Stick's wifi hardware is flaking or the update neutered Kodi/XBMC. When I check speeds, the Roku is on sleep mode so nothing else is hogging bandwidth. Even if the Roku is on, I should be able to at least use 2 HD streamers at once without having to worry about buffering with 15 Mbps. I even went ahead & tweaked my router's IP QoS, which I allocated 14 Mbps exclusively for the Stick, but still averaging just 2. I've tried everything: used the HDMI extender to prevent TV interference (which I do anyway since the USB port is blocked if I don't), used the power adapter, unplug-replug, changing primary DNS from Google & back, assigned a permanent IP address & back. Nothing works! The irony is that earlier today, it decided to show a sliver of mercy & let me play an HD video for about 1 hr without buffering because for some unknown reason, it gave me 10 Mbps on Speedtest on a whim. There are rare occasions (only about 3 out of 50 or so attempts) that it goes over 6 & when it does I can finally watch 720p HD without having to get frustrated playing Sonic or taking a nap for it to wait loading. If it were the 90's, it'd be faster for me to rent videos from Blockbuster. It's THAT bad! I guess my only recourse is to wait til next week when Staples will hopefully get them back in stock for me to exchange it for one with an older firmware. It's annoying that Amazon calls it software updates when you can't go back to a previous version. Even with the update, Amazon's "HD" videos still look SD to me compared to watching 720p HD Youtube trailers on Kodi. With those speeds, Amazon must be downgrading the quality just to push it through, that is if Amazon apps are truly affected. Damn, I miss my Ouya.