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Full Version: G-Box Q and Harmony
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I installed Kodi on my G-Box Q.

I added the Matricom G-Bom Midnight controller to my Harmony remote.

Although most things work, I would like to use some of the extra buttons that the harmony says it has.

I turned on debugging in Kodi and analyzed the log files when these extra buttons were pressed. Only two of them responded. These buttons as named on the harmony are

MyVideos - no response
MyMusic - tab (0xF009)
MyPictures - no response
Network - no response
Android - no response
Search - no response
Zoom - no response
Subtitle - menu (0xf0d8) (the actual menu button on the harmony is responds as minus??)
Audio - no response

Is there any way to get Kodi to respond to these keys so I can map them in the keymaps file?
Is there a better remote to use on the Harmony that would provide more keys?