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Full Version: Axis gamepad
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I have a problem with the keyboard.xml and a gamepad Logitech Precision. All buttons work, but axis don’t want work. I did my test on Super Nes and Nes emulator.

Here, my keyboard.xml :

    <joystick name="Logitech Logitech(R) Precision(TM) Gamepad">    
    <axis id="1" limit="-1"> JoypadLeft</axis>
    <axis id="1" limit="1"> JoypadRight</axis>
    <axis id="2" limit="-1"> JoypadUp</axis>
    <axis id="2" limit="1"> JoypadDown</axis>

      <button id="1">JoypadA</button>
      <button id="2">JoypadB</button>
      <button id="3">JoypadX</button>
      <button id="4">JoypadY</button>
      <button id="5">JoypadL</button>
      <button id="6">JoypadR</button>
      <button id="7">JoypadSelect</button>
      <button id="8">JoypadStart</button>
      <button id="9">Stop</button>
      <button id="10">reloadkeymaps</button>    

If I replace JoypadUp (and other) by « Stop » ; axis action works…
If I replace the action of button id=2 by JoypadRight(and other); action works…
But axis with JoypadRight(and other) don’t work…

Do you have an idea?
Not an expert here and I did not fully understand what worked in your tests but I see from the xml above that the actions for your axis start with a blank. Try to remove it. Tongue
Not works without blank...just a mistake with the copy/past :-(