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Full Version: How do I deal with items that won't scrape and home movies?
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I've set up my SPMC to use the confluence customizable mod which allows me to modify the main menu items. One of the menu items I want to add is Home Movies. I've also got a series that is not listed on any of the standard scraper databases. This being said I want to manually create all of the information, fanart, poster etc for these items.

These items will be stored in their own directories and will have their own file locations.

How do I go about getting these into xbmc? I'm guessing I can set up their own individual .nfo files and set the scraper to "local information" Is this the best way? If it is, are there any PC based programs that will help me create the .nfo file?

This is one of the few final items I have to do to my SPMC setup. Right now I've got 5 FireTV's running SPMC using MySQL and my highly customized confluence menu's. It looks terrific and the family is having no problems using it.

I used Ember to create the NFO files and already pulled in that unscrapable series. I know know how to deal with my Home Movies as well with NFO's.

Here is a good resource for how to deal with non-scrapable content: http://kodi.wiki/view/Custom_video_entries