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Full Version: Change color theme in Amber
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I think Amber is the greatest skin for RaspberryPi since its so lightweight yet customizable, and I love the vertical main menu. What I don't love is the yellow/orange color theme! I would love to have the blue theme of Confluence in Amber. Now I know it's pretty easy to change the backgrounds, and I assume that the various backdrops are grey with some transparancy, so they won't need any mod, but how do you change the font color in the main menu? I can live with the yellow fonts in the various sub menus, but not in the main menu!

After installing Amber 1.7.4 on Helix, I found the folder /skin.amber in /home/pi/.kodi/addons. This seem to contain all elements and xml-files, but which file and string should be modified?

There seem to be several Amber users that have the same opinion as myself on the Amber colour theme. If anyone already did this, please help!
i would like to know too.. :-)
Just added green, blue and white
(2015-01-05, 12:25)pecinko Wrote: [ -> ]Just added green, blue and white

Nice Smile
Will there be an update in the repo? Also, will it work on Helix? (now running 1.7.4 installed from zip.)

Ok, I grabbed the zip from Git and installed. The version is reported as 2.0.2. I was able to change the colors, very nice Smile
Then I tried to change the background to standard Confluence one, but it seems like a bug is introduced in the background settings! I can't select one image for all menus, have to change each and every one! Also, as I toggle through the various backgrounds, it doesn't say which menu item it belongs to.

Edit #2:
Something seem to have gone wrong in the Favourites menu. The shelf doesn't display any icons, except when selected. Also, when the favo menu is opened, the labels are offset the the right with respect to the icons.