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Full Version: [split] Android - HEVC acceleration on Amlogic S805
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I am on Amlogic S805 (Beelink MXQ) and HEVC MKV videos in Kodi 14.1 stutter extremely.
H.264 1080p files work fine.
The external hevc player is smooth.
(2014-12-31, 17:11)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]If something was broken in v14.0 and is still broken in pre-v14.1: please do not report it in this thread unless it's something we specifically asked to be tested. Report those bugs/issues in a new thread.

Normal v14 builds do not include hardware video decoding for h.265. For h.265 you need to use a v15-based nightly build (wiki).
thanks, Ned.
this site: HEVC (wiki)
states that it is included in v14 builds- hence my confusion.
I will try a a nightly 15 and report back.
That probably should be clarified since that wiki entry is referring to the introduction of hevc support via software decode.
Oh, okay, that indeed works, but is unusably slow as of yet.
here they claim it was integrated into the master branch: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=206333&page=3
so that refers to the nightly v15 builds?
Yeah, nightly builds have support for a couple of amlogic-based Android boxes. Some support for other chipsets is in the pipe as well, but I don't believe is currently in nightly builds yet.
I just tried todays nightly- and it works beautifully! HEVC accelerated, I'm gonna start using it and see if I run into problems. Seems fine- yesterdays nightly crashed on me, wouldn't even start. So thanks for pointing that out! Smile
I see Ned has now updated the wiki, so thanks for pointing that out as a possible source of confusion Smile
great! that is clear for every newbie like me! Smile thanks Ned!
HI, does any nightly later than, 0104 still work well with hevc?


Ok great, i have a mk808b plus (S/M805) so would be glad to test any new builds for you, is it best for me to just try the latest nightly and if it doesn't work properly, just keep back installing to a working one?

Pretty much that. I have a nightly running on that same unit and it works really well.
Ah great, with hevc playback working ok? what nightly are you using Ned? just so I know one to fallback on?

Thanks so much for all your work on this.
I have one from a few days ago that works just fine, but the newest nightly shouldn't have any major issues either. Everything seems to work.
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