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Full Version: XBMC remote app
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I am running kodi on a new Mac mini and using an iPhone 5 with the XBMC app.

Can anyone tell me which setting needs to be enabled to get the virtual keyboard on the XBMC Iphone app to automatically display when required?

For instance, when I choose to search for a movie and the keyboard pops up on my TV there should also be a keyboard on my iPhone that pops up simultaneously without having to go into the menu on the XBMC remote app.

Thank you all.
Not sure if it's different with a 5 but when I use that app with my iPhone 6 plus the keyboard on the phone pops up as expected. It only pops up though if I start the search with the phone. From my experience The phone will not do anything unless you are in the app and controlling KODI. I also have the constellation app that I paid 4.99 for and like it better.
Thank you. I will check the constellation app out