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Full Version: Unknown Error Occurred: list index out of range
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To admin: I'm very new to KODI (14.0 Helix) and have no idea if I'm breaking any rules -yes, I did read them, but still navigating the language. Please delete if I've posted something inappropriate, but please advise me as to what I may have inadvertently done wrong.

When accessing Filipino on demand V3, I get "Unknown Error Occurred: list index out of range" and am not sure what I'm doing incorrectly. Do I even have access to this?

A walk-through would really be helpful.

By the way, I'm not Filipino... I'm from Canada and have friends just arriving from the Phillipines who could really enjoy some news shows from their country.

Again, I've read through the Banned add-ons and did not find issue with my question (fingers crossed).

Thanks in advance
Off hand, I don't know if that add-on is "legal" or not, but generally speaking, add-on specific issues are best addressed to a support thread for that specific add-on. Google will likely find such a thread if you search for the add-on's name.