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(2016-03-25, 03:57)noggin Wrote: [ -> ]This site may - or may not - help : https://ozdigitaltv.com If you know the name of your local transmitter(s) it will help. I think Aus uses 7MHz rather than 8MHz DVB-T channels.

Ah, fantastic. This is is the transmitter my antenna is pointed to:

Do i need to add a muxer for each frequency? Also, bandwidth is not given, i'll just leave at auto i'm assuming?

Thanks for you help.

Edit: ugh, there are predefined muxes to select for the network. I selected Adelaide Foothills and this added a bunch with different frequencies to the tower my antenna isn't pointing to. But it worked. Scans have come up. I'll continue on now! Thanks again.
If my memory serves me correctly the Transmitter list for Australia is hopelessly out of date for TvHeadend configuration.
I just used Noggin Mini Guide HERE

And then just selected Generic-Australia (or similar generic) for the Transmitter and let all the Frequencies scan. Delete the ones that fail and remember to SAVE, everytime after changing anything on a any particular page.
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