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Full Version: System time vs XBMC time?
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I'm just starting out with XBMC and I'm finding it fantastic. Nice work, people! As you can imagine, I have a number of questions that are coming up and I'll be detailing those in a few posts here.

The first, and likely easiest, is that my XBMC window displays the time which appears to be GMT, despite me being located in MT (US Mountain Time). Currently, it is about 18:38 according to my system time, but XBMC says 1:38 (and the date shows tomorrow's date).

How do I adjust the time zone in XBMC?

I'm running 13.2. Unfortunately, I don't see Kodi 14 in the RPM fusion repos yet.

System ----> Settings ------> Appearance -----> International ---------> TimeZone
I was hoping it would be less obvious. 8^)

Thank you!