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Full Version: Integration of PVR into re-Touched skin
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As stated in the subject, are there any plans to intgrate Kodi's PVR-section to re-Touched?
On my touch devices I need to switch back to Confluence in order to be able to use my PVR, but I really do like re-Touched much more on them.

Or are there any other touchfriendly and Kodi-compatible skins out there?

Btw, sorry if I should be warming-up something not wanted or feasible here.
i'll see if i can get myself into adding it.

i agree the default touch skin should have support for pvr,
but it's such a pile of work to add it :-)
Would love to see PVR support added to re-Touched!
My Nexus 7 will thank you for that
I've been searching for long time, and it seems to me that there's nearly no reliable pvr support in any skin touch friendly.
This is a great limit for kodi (Android version).
It would be very useful to add pvr support to re-Touched (the best touch skin).
Thank you,
no need to +1, i'm already working on it.


Oh, ok... Looks nice Smile
Looks great! Thanks Smile
Any news?
(2015-01-22, 00:48)bangsergio Wrote: [ -> ]Any news?

trying to get it finished in time for Kodi 14.1
here it is:

please test and let me know about all the bugs you find :-)
Hm... I'm very sorry and truly hope that I am just dumb right now, but having installed v14.1 release and your skin-zip I can configure PVR from re-touched-settings page, but there is no link to actually start it from the homescreen... Sad
Am I missing smthg?

EDIT 1: AAARGHH! I'm so stupid, had to activate Live-TV-button inside the skin's settings first... sorry, testing now - and a BIG THANKS for all your effort!

EDIT 2: Just installed Kodi v14.1 final onto another Android tablet and am more than pleased that you actually made it to push this extended re-touched skin to the Kodi 14.1 release!

As far as I got in testing for now: A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Love it!!! I find it's actually VERY elegant how you put those context menus for epg etc. into the interface - that's more than I could've thought of, and now my tablets definitely are on par with my HTPCs Smile
What a coincidence just looking for this solution today and found you released a new version. Have loaded and using it will let you know of any bugs.

Thank you very much for the change!
Tried your version.
Very good job, everything is working.
My suggestions:
Live TV Guide is a little bit hidden for my taste.
It seems to me that OSD takes three-four seconds to appear (not only in live tv, also in all other menus video, music, etc.).
With other skins OSD is almost instantaneous.
Anyway thank you for your work,

I've installed latest 14.1 into my android device.
I've installed the .zip file from addon-manager, after install it asks me if I want to switch to the new skin, I select yes.

I activate PVR addon, dvb viewer client.
I activate live tv in settings.

The Live-tv option is still not there but if I switch skin to confluence the live TV works fine.

Any ideas?
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