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Full Version: Movie Scraper Problem with special characters
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In advance: Sorry for my bad English. Smile

I have Kodi 14.0 installed on my FireTV. Everything I use is configured in German.

My Movie Scrapers (TMDB and also Universal Movie Scraper) don't recognize movies with special charakters like "ä,ö,ü,ß" in their title when using ftp.

The weird thing is: This happens JUST with ftp access. If I use SMB it works correctly.

Also weird is: I can start playing the movies from the file manager in Kodi via ftp access and also the filename is displayed correctly via ftp access in the Kodi file manager. So i guess Kodi has no problem in general with my configuration and with accessing my ftp files. The windows explorer also shows the correct file names and has no problems with accessing the files.

I think theres a bug just for the combination of ftp and the movie scrapers.

It's just the scrapers which have Problems with the ftp configuration.

Has anyone an idea, how to fix this? I know, it works with smb and I could use smb. But I prefer to use ftp over smb because it's much faster by accessing my folders via the file explorer.

Thanks in advance
No idea what I can do?