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Full Version: [Linux] Streaming issue Kodi 14.0 stable / TVHeadend GIT [FIXED]
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I stumbled upon a bug in Kodi 14.0 (stable ppa). I'm running ubuntu 14.04. Everything works fine, except for 6 radio channels. Those, I'm trying to listen to via PVR add-on pvr.hts 1.9.39 (installed via stable PPA as well.

It feels like a problem with KODI because playing it directly from the HDHomeRun works fine. Also playing it from TVHeadEnd in VLC works fine. I can see in the status of tvheadend that its running a stream, however Kodi keeps saying 'Buffering 0%' indefinitaly. Kodi remains response though.

I enabled debug logging and created two logs. One logs for playing 'Radio 538' which works fine, and one for 'NPO Radio 2', which doesnt work.

Radio 538, working fine:

NPO Radio 2, not working:

Some more version info:
[email protected]:/usr/src/xbmc-pvr-addons/addons# dpkg -l | grep -e kodi | grep ii
ii  kodi                                2:14.0~git20141223.1015-final-0trusty all          Kodi Media Center (arch-independent data package)
ii  kodi-bin                            2:14.0~git20141223.1015-final-0trusty amd64        Kodi Media Center (binary data package)
ii  kodi-pvr-tvheadend-hts              1.9.39-3trusty                        amd64        Kodi PVR Addon TvHeadend Hts - PVR API:1.9.2
ii  plymouth-theme-kodi-logo            1.0.0                                 all          graphical boot animation and logger - kodi-logo theme
[email protected]:/usr/src/xbmc-pvr-addons/addons# uname -a
Linux MediaCenter 3.18.1-ickle75+ #1 SMP Sun Dec 21 14:21:35 CET 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Last variant I tried is manually tuning the HDHomeRun to Radio 2 and then picking up the stream as hdhomerun device in Kodi, that works fine:

Some help would be lovely! Thanks for all the good work!
I found the cause and fix.

There was a video PID in the service. Weird. I filtered it with the video stream filter function in TVHEADEND and now it works...