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Full Version: Can't change fanart in latest nightlies
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Tried on both Windows (09/01) and Android (08/01) but neither allow you to change the fanart; posters and banners work though. Huh

Same with 10/01 build.

Debug log -

You cant add to that list Linux/Ubuntu minimal + Kodi v15.x which commit did it its another story.

You can select the fanart it loads but selecting new entry doesn't stick at all.

That log really doesnt show anything related to changing the fanart in any case but i can confirm the bug exists.
Thanks will test asap.
(2015-01-11, 12:14)BigNoid Wrote: [ -> ]See PR: 6177

Never doubted it would work, tested fix working.

Sure its not related, when you selecting the fanart, the current/remote fanart thumbs of the same art, local looks a bit funky (like some white noise added) on the selection thumbnail. Never noticed any of this before.
RE Current/Remote art

It's always been like that, I guess it's to do with Kodi using local thumbnails (higher resolution) vs remote thumbs (probably lower resolution to save bandwidth).
Sure but I dont understand is why even if its higher rez than why does it look worst....Im sure that this issue wasnt noticeable a while back.
Kodi's downscaling isn't great -

200401 (thread)
Thanks for that. Yes indeed does look like that is it. :p yuk
Mark as solved I suppose.