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Full Version: guisettings.xml reset
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Why is it, at random, my guisettings.xml file will reset to default and all of my settings vanish? I have to restore it like once a week to get everything back.
I'll watch everything fine for weeks, then turn my system on, and everything is set to FIRST RUN Confluence with all the popups and everything.

Using Chromebox, OpenElec, Gotham, Nox 4.

This has happened for years with several different systems. I had an Ouya for a while, and it did the same thing.
No clue why this happens. It's very annoying. Is there a way to keep it there or load it auto through an addon or something?
I've heard about it happening, but have never experienced this myself. The only time you should get a default file is if the existing file simply isn't there or cannot be read for some reason.
I have this effect on my RPi sometimes, I think that there are filesystem corruptions that are causing this.
Anyway, you might just backup your \userdata\xml-files and restore them if you stumble upon that again - saves a lot of time Wink
Yeah. I backup with xbmc backup, drop my gui into my networked using system putty. It's not hard, I just hate it. Is it a memory thing? I feel like my chromebox can handle it.
Seems nuts that it would default.
Anyone else? It happens every few weeks. I always have to restore guisettings.xml. all my add-ons and files remain. Everything just goes to confluence default...
I'd suggest testing an OpenELEC nightly. The master builds of OpenELEC include crashlog support, which means kodi.bin is started and shut down a little differently to previously (see PR:3657 for details).

While testing this change there were instances of guisettings.xml corruption, which would give the impression of everything being reset to defaults, but this issue is now resolved and it's been quite a while since I've seen any guisettings.xml corruption when using master builds (my OpenELEC/RPi setups - two of them - are normally restarted several times a day).
Great tip. It seems to be happening more and more. It's a 30 second fix, but it's annoying each time.

I have a chromebox with Gotham set as native boot. I tried the auto update, and there wasn't anything. I'll try the nightly of the generic build, but I'm concerned I'll have to get a Kodi Nox4, since it won't transfer right in.

Starting from scratch again :\