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Full Version: Album artwork resolution
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Hi Folks

Just got a question for you all and I hope I can explain it okay.
First of all I arrange my classical music Library by composer and then each album in a file so..

Bach [Folder]
........Album 1 [Folder]
........Album 2 [Folder]

In each album folder I have the artwork as front.jpg and no embedded artwork.

I have made the advanced xml file and changed the default artwork to front.jpg rather than folder.jpg

So far so good, and I add the Bach folder to music in Kodi

But when I browse my music I go into Bach folder and there is then a list of all the folders/albums and when I move over them the artwork is displayed on the right. But its a really bad resolution. Once I go into the folder and see the tracks the artwork is fine and clear.
Is there any way to improve the resolution on the media info preview so when I scroll through the albums I get as good a resolution as when I then go into the folder with the tracks??

Hope that makes sense

no one ;(
Looks like you have two versions of the image, one is the downloaded image provided from the scrape and the other is local. It might be that you also have a smaller version that loads. You should be able to change the image in the information page with the get thumb feature.
Thanks for that - no I didn't have two versions, but I have figured it out!!!

After an afternoon of testing it, it seems (and this is probably me being an idiot) that after I add the music path as a source, it loads that artwork in crap when I then go into the folder... BUT, if I right click the folder that I added as a source and then pick 'scan item to library' then its all fine!!!

Obviously adding a source is only like a file browser path and not added to the library with all the nice artwork.

So big DOH to me

Thanks anyway