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Full Version: Argus-TV Error after Standby
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@margro or red_f,
I was hoping you could help investigate an issue a lot of us are having with the Argus TV add-on. After resuming from standby, we get an error message "Can't map XBMC channels to Argus". This started with the Kodi Helix builds and it is happening on Windows and Openelec.

There is a thread on the Argus forum here -> http://www.argus-tv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=5542

I have uploaded my log here -> http://dotnetdevelopers.net/xbmc/logs/kodi20150111.zip. I apologize it is not a debug log, I will get one as soon as I can. The errors start at 9:56 after resuming from standby. It only happens when it is in standby for long periods.

Setup Information:
Openelc 5.0 (Kodi 14.0 Dec 26th 2014)

Argus Add-on:
Version - 1.9.185

Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated.

Wile E.