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Full Version: [Linux] xbmcbuntu 13.0 - 13.2 manual update ? (post kodi)
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Is it still possible to do the manual update from xbmcbuntu 13.0 to 13.2 post the kodi release ?

I'm done a fresh install of xbmcbuntu 13.0 and now when following the instructions for installing the 13.2 update from the ppa it seems to be trying to intall kodi intead.
Kodi is great but I dont want it yet so I seem to be left with the 13.0 install.
sudo apt-cache policy xbmc

... to get all of the available versions for your OS.

sudo apt-get install <package>=<version>

... to install a specific package from that list versus just the latest one.

sudo apt-get install xbmc=2:13.2* xbmc-bin=2:13.2*

... should get you what you need
That worked perfectly, thank you.