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Full Version: Installing KodiBuntu failed hard!
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Hey guys.

I'm from Germany and you have to excause my realy bad english...

I started to install KodiBuntu on my CarPC-System but it's failed all time I tryed.
I followed the instructions to install it from USB (making USB Flash Drive bootable and copying the ISO with rufus and/or Lili), stick in... boot... select install (easyest way), Kodi-Flash appears (very nice), some command-lines appears (okay... some more), and then....

NOTHING... Black screen...

tryed it with 32bit, with 64bit, burned ISO on DVD.... All the same.

Can anyone help me? Or is anything broken in ISO for installing KodiBuntu 14.1?

Thanks for help!

My system: Intel D2700DC microITX board with Intel Dual-Core Atom 2x 2,13GHz and Intel NM10 Chipset, 4GB RAM, 1TB Samsung SATA2 HDD, USB Mouse an Keyboard, 10,1" TFT-Touchscreen.
Your GPU is the issue. You won't be happy with that PowerVR chip - no working linux drivers.
It's an integrated intel grafic hd accelerator 6500. Is there nothing i can do?
But why is the install Not running... Ubuntu install works fine, just lag heavy in Desktop.
because kodi requires proper openGL support, which you do not have without working drivers. Ubuntu's lag is the result of using vesa or vmware software emulation.
In short, forget this hardware with linux.
Okay... Thank you