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Full Version: Duplicate entries for rar files
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After my raspberry pi system was automatically (ugh) upgraded to Kodi 14.0, a subsequent update library revealed a problem. Some of my media is stored in rars. Each and every one of these, and no others, were duplicated during the scan:

mysql> select * from files where strFilename like '%Avatar%';
| idFile | idPath | strFilename                                                                                                                                               | playCount | lastPlayed          | dateAdded           |
|   3492 |   1535 | rar://%2fmedia%2fdisk%2fxbmc%2fmovies%2fAvatar.2009.EXTENDED.1080p.BluRay.x264-BestHD%2fbesthd-avatar.extended-1080p.rar/besthd-avatar.extended-1080p.mkv |      NULL | 2015-01-10 03:04:33 | 2014-02-16 20:37:13 |
|   3602 |   1535 | besthd-avatar.extended-1080p.rar                                                                                                                          |      NULL | NULL                | 2014-02-16 20:37:13 |
2 rows in set (0.16 sec)

Both items are playable. Cleaning the library doesn't remove either. I assume I will need to remove the old version, otherwise the next update will simply re-add the duplicate. Manually removing all of the duplicates would likely take a few hours. Alternatively, I could probably fix them all programmatically in mysql, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.

Has anyone else had to deal with this problem?
do you have the extracted .mkv sitting beside your .rar's?
I had subs.rar next to .mkv and was getting duplicates since updating to helix. One for the mkv and one for the sub.rar
Had to delete the sub.rars to clean it up. Wasn't like it before in gotham or before
I do not have the extracted mkv sitting beside my rars.
I was able to resolve the movie duplicates with some SQL-foo. However, the episode duplicates proved much too complicated to resolve in a timely manner. I just decided to blow away the database and start fresh. It's rebuilding now.
So before rebuilding the entire media database, I picked one of the TV series that had duplicates from before the rebuild, and scanned just that one as a test. Sure enough, duplicates occurred again. But not for every episode, only certain episodes.

For example, the following directory was correctly added as a single episode:


However, the directory containing episode 6 was added as 12 duplicates of the same episode:


In seems Kodi is treating all files ending in rar as containing its own episode.
Hi menakite. Thank you for replying.

Unfortunately the resource you linked doesn't resolve the problem. I am able to play RAR archives without any problem. The problem is that when certain RAR archives are scanned, it results in duplicate episodes.
remove the folder with duplicates, clean library, then enable debug logging, move the folder back, and post the result to pastebin.
Stop storing your media in rar files. It is pointless.
Thanks helta. Using your suggestion, plus referencing the resource shared by menakite, I was able to arrive at a resolution. I actually downgraded to 13.2 and did some testing to verify the original behavior. I'm back on 14 now, and the episodes are scanning correctly. No duplicates. Here's what I had to do:

  1. Remove all items from the library
  2. Settings -> Appearance -> File lists -> Support browsing into archives (as per http://kodi.wiki/view/Raspberry_Pi_FAQ#V...m_archives)
  3. Re-scan.

I had tried #2 and #3 previously without success. The key was starting fresh. As a side note, I wouldn't have otherwise expected this setting to have this particular effect.

(2015-01-15, 02:27)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Stop storing your media in rar files. It is pointless.

Many of the torrents I've downloaded contain rar files. I wish to continue seeding those torrents while having the content added in my library. I could extract the rars, but that would double the amount of space I'm using.