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Full Version: Kodi crashing multiple times a day
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HI everyone- I'm having a terrible time with Kodi crashing ("has stopped working"), it never seems to make it more than 8 hours before crashing, sometimes crashing within 5 minutes of launch, sometimes hours later. But it's driving me nuts, and making the wife very unhappy with me.

I've checked all the similar threads, but none of the fixes suggested seem to apply.

Here's my latest kodi.log:

Any help would be appreciated.
Join the club Wink Team Kodi has a few test builds you can try out. http://mirrors.xbmc.org/test-builds/
Do either of you guys have zero cache enabled?
I don't think so, I was running a bog standard vanilla install.

I've reverted to XBMC 13.2, randomly trying dailies until it got fixed was not going to make the wife happy...
Hi Painted, I think that I might have your solution

215479 (thread)

I think it is Kodi that is the problem and over heating processors. I am now on 56 C where as before when I was using Kodi and scanning for media the CPU went up to 98 C which would have ended up going to 100% and then shutting down, I suggest downloading a CPU temp program and run Kodi and watch your temp rise especially when it is scanning for media.


56C, Is that idle or when running at max load?
Idle it shouldn't be warmer than ~40C. Even my overclocked I7 doesn't get warmer than 44 C idle and 65 C at 100%
If your CPU goes to 98 C than you must have a serious cooling problem.

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