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Full Version: Shared video/music library
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Hello, I'm having issues with setting up the shared video/music library using MYSQL (MySQL (wiki))

I get to the point where I start up Kodi on my first HTPC after creating the advancedsettings.xml file. Kodi starts up, but does not load. It sits there at the splash screen of the icon with Kodi v14.0 - helix. If I remove the advancedsettings.xml file, then Kodi starts up no issues.

    <loglevel>2</loglevel> <!-- Change this to "1" to hide the on-screen debug log text -->

Add the above to your advancesettings.xml, try opening kodi again, after a minute if its still frozen, close it down and upload the debug log to pastebin. Post the link here.
Thanks Helta, I installed mysql onto another machine instead of the server and it works on the desktop, so I'll just leave it for now, Thanks