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Full Version: OpenElec - Prevent Sleep when streaming
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Using OpenElec, hopefully some one can help me out. I have asked there, I don't usually get any responses to my questions, maybe I don't know how to ask properly.

Is there a way to prevent the computer from going to sleep while streaming from the internal hard drives? I have a timer for sleep so its not on 24/7 but it will go to sleep when I am accessing media via samba or upnp.

Bonus Question
If anyone knows their way around OpenElec... is there a way to spindown/sleep internal drives that are not being used/accessed?
AFAIK, Kodi's sleep timer is only relevant to itself and can't be told to pay attention to other system issues. Learned that the hard way on Windows when Kodi was minimized and I was gaming in Steam, took three times for it to happen before I realized why the PC was mysteriously going to sleep. Ha ha.