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Full Version: Duplicate music artists under one song
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This is a well-known issue and there are other threads on this. It can be experienced on WIN/OSX/OE and with Helix/Gotham. They are a bit all-over with off-topics and related issues, so allow me to open a new thread specific on this issue.

Let me share an example that explains the issue.
Music track 123 by artist ABC feat. DEF
* Artist tag: "ABC feat. DEF"
* Musicbrainz artist ID tag: MBZID-number-for-ABC; MBZID-number-for-DEF

To experience the bug, you will have to disable the setting "override tags with online information"

Once this track is added to the library, it shows wrongly as follows:
123 - ABC feat. DEF / ABC feat. DEF

So, you can see that the artist show duplicate. Reason is that Kodi sees two different MBZIDs and thus displays two artists. However, Kodi sees just one artist in the artist tag and thus displays the same artists twice.

There was a bug report on trac, which got closed. Would suggest this being revisited / fixed. http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/15304
Any thoughts? This bug is really annoying and actually happens both on artist and albumartist level (where it is even more annoying as it duplicates the "folder".

Help very much appreciated and a "closed" ticket exist on trac.

@jmarshall, any chance you can elaborate why the ticket has been closed. I still think there is a need for a fix and the answer how to deal with multiple-artists is more complex. MBZ IDs nicely separate between various artists. However, the artist tag does not allow to do so without losing "feat." or other connectors.

Would be really great to have a bug fix for this specific issue.