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Full Version: Any Guide for emulators?
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Im pretty new with Kodi, i've always used Plex. So i really want to play my old N64/PS1/SNES games. Is there any good and clear tutorial out that will show me what i exactly need to install in order to play those games? I have a wired xbox360 PC controller which i wanna use. If anyone can point me in the right direction please?

Might have posted this in the wrong forum... Now i can't delete it for some reason. if anyone wants to move it please?
Hi x3nius, this project is still in development so you'll want to install a development build. right now i'm balls deep in re-writing the controller-handling system, so the 360 controller might be hit-or-miss until the new code is merged.

I post development builds to the RetroPlayer Test Builds thread. you'll see i haven't updated to Helix yet. the input stuff is taking priority (updating a bunch of code about to be ripped out would be a waste of time). when I do finally update to helix, the thread will be renamed "RetroPlayer Test Builds (updated for Helix)" so keep an eye out
I am using the ROM collection browser add-on to launch my proj.64 emulator. As an alternative to waiting for a stable build for the 360 controller connection with retro player, I opted to purchase use the official Microsoft wireless PC adapter. Of course this will only be useful after the emulator is launched to control only the game.