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Full Version: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video (US/UK/DE)
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(2015-04-28, 11:25)AshG Wrote: [ -> ]I can't remember the full path and can't check as I'm at work, but off the top of my head it's something like : userdata/addons/

Great. Thanks. Found it. Still not been able to get it working after a reset, but will keep an eye on this thread. I already have Netflix on my TV and a kodi nuc but no amazon app so is the only thing missing in the living room.
I was able to get this almost working after copying cookies from my browser session, but experienced the same black screen and weird behavior (FWIW, it happened when I installed flash to see if Prime would work out of curiosity).

I rtmpdumped a stream, and it looks like they are encrypting the video/audio streams inside of the flv container, and kodi/mplayer/ffmpeg spew errors because the data is not a valid video stream.
I just installed the rep but it is showing as blank. Have used the context menu to force a reflex but still nothing. I am running Kodi 14.2 on Windows 7.

Any suggestions?
Had this working for a few weeks, but it started doing the buffering issue, that others have mentioned, a few days ago - the chosen tv show would eventually work after a few goes, but now not at all - nothing will play, just says it is buffering before giving up.

I've replaced the default.py file, deleted the addons database, cleared the cache and cookies with no effect. I've also changed my settings within the Amazon website from Silverlight to Flash and back again - no idea if this would have any effect whatsoever, but it didn't work anyway.

Hopefully those with more knowledge of such things can have a look at this addon, as it would seem to be a pretty universal issue from the previous few posts and not just my machine/setup, as this was a great addon - especially when utilised with PseudoTV

Many thanks
Does this work with Openelec for amlogic?
No longer working for me now. Undecided


Here's the latest community fix from kodinerds thread. I DID NOT MAKE THIS FILE, No idea how long this fix will last again.





Stay current, temporary LordK Fix repo available for download. Keep an eye on the kodinerds thread for any more news.
Does this still have issue when some movies,tv shows won't play at all?
Thankyou thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh yes it works again!
LordK the creator of the latest fix has said he plans to produce a temporary repo to better push out fixes until AddonScripterDE returns (or I assume another solution presents itself, eg partnership, official Amazon Release (I assume less likely to happen) )

LordK's temporary amazon prime fix repo zip

SQUEE!!! LordK's temporary fix works on Amazon FireTV - hurrah! Finally: a more sensible interface to Prime video.

One query: is there a way to enable pass-through audio on these streams? At the moment, everything is 2.0.
I think that's the flash streams output. I did notice my surround speakers were outputting but that's probably Kodi's upmix feature
Too clarify before anyone asks... No, it does not work properly in the U.S.
Hi I want to see this video but it wont let me play since its not searchable and my watchlist gives errors

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