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Full Version: [RELEASE] Amazon Prime Instant Video (US/UK/DE)
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you can use the flash stream from amazon with this plugin. And there is only 2.0 included...
So there is a HTML5 Version not only Flash - is it possible to take this for 5.1 Sound?!
as far as I know the HTML5 Version include DRM, which will be tricky
I had the plugin working great until earlier this morning; Initially I thought it was a fair usage policy from amazon kicking in - I have been binge-watching SOA for the last few days. But I could bring it up in the browser, so that is most likely not the case.
When I start up the plugin, I get brought into a view that only displays "A History of Radness", "Bear in Underwear", "Lily the Unicorn" and a few other children's shows. Whilst my daughter would be delighted at the selection, it frustrates me a bit.

Timeline of events:
* Binge-watching SOA
* All of a sudden I can't bring up S04E08 (yes, working my way through 4 seasons in one go)
* I get login message
* log in again
* get message about no media ownership
* restart kodi
* get the above selection
* reboot media centre
* get the above selection
* uninstall and reinstall the add-on
* reboot media centre
* get the above selection
* uninstall add-on
* remove everything that I can find that has anything to do with Amazon under ~/Library/Kodi
* reinstall the add-on
* reboot media centre
* get the above selection

I am sort of stuck - what should I do next? Any ideas? I really like the plugin, and routing everything through Kodi is a great feature.
I'm a USA windows 7 user. I have both windows media center and kodi running on my machine. I use WMC for certain activities but mostly use Kodi. I have come upon an Amazon Instant Video add-on for WMC that works really well http://sharepointsnapple.com/amazonmceaddin/. I just don't like switching back and forth between the two media centers and would like to have everything in one neat and tidy place. I can get some videos to play on the kodi app, but not all.

Is there anything I'm missing on this? I really enjoy kodi, but my wife is a HUGE prime member and fan and it would be nice to watch some of her selections on the BIG screen rather than on her Kindle Fire tablet.


You're not missing anything. Depending on which cloud provider you get bounced to for serving up the video content you will have success or it just won't play. That's because one of the providers implemented additional security checks and librtmp in Kodi doesn't deal with them yet. If you look through the kodi log, you'll see that it always fails on one domain and succeeds on the other. Unfortunately for me, about 80-90% of the time I'm being served content from the provider that doesn't work.
Thanks for letting me know that I'm not completely inept. I've been trying various ways to get this to work and at least now I know I'm not alone. I think I'm in the same boat as you. Most of the content we want to watch seems to fail. I'll keep my fingers crossed that one day this will work.
Yes, I'd like to see Amazon either open things up a bit (unlikely since the content providers would pitch a feet) or else librtmp get changed to support swfvfy=2. In the meantime, I'll continue to use the terrible interface in my dvd player to use Amazon instant video instead of the much better one the Kodi plugin offers.
Apparently amazon (US) has removed the 2500 bitrate availability from the devicetype that this add-on is using. This was the only HD quality (in the US) that was available using the add-on. This applies to all content, both movies and non-movies (tv shows). So now, even if you're lucky enough to get the working cdn, the max quality is the 1328 bitrate (non-HD) for all content. Boo amazon!
I'm confirming that all content that does play now (most TV shows; and, some less popular Movies) is 1328bitrate with only 420P SD video resolution. Is there any hope of using a different device type that supports 1080p using this addon?

The entire reason I like this addon is because it doesn't try to use a web browser to playback the video (like the Netflix addon);..which video playback can be very choppy)

This addon (like the YouTube, and other video addons) gives us the possibility of using the DSPlayer version of Kodi (for MadVR smooth motion and advanced scaling algorithms). Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter much if the video bitrate is low quality to begin with.
HD may return. Some new IDs have been revealed/discovered.
Hi, I am using Kodibuntu, amd i cannot find the place to enter mycredentials. There is no place in the add on settings. Where do you enter them.
(2015-08-10, 21:23)maverik11 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, I am using Kodibuntu, amd i cannot find the place to enter mycredentials. There is no place in the add on settings. Where do you enter them.

I'm having the same problem with my kodibuntu install. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?
Same problem for me on a Nexus Player, so it isn't limited to kodibuntu.
I have been unable to get this plugin to work. I've read through every page of this thread, and got further, but I just can't get anything to play. When I click on a movie to watch, I get an "opening stream" message. Then nothing happens and it goes back to the menu. I thought maybe it was just slow to load. After an hour I gave up. So I clicked it again. Now I get the message "Amazon meldet: CDP.Playback.NoAvailableStreams Too Many Concurrent Streams" followed by the message "Playback failed One or more items failed to play. Check the log fro more information about this message".

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