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Full Version: TV Show Lagged Playback - But Fixed By Disabling MediaCodec - WHY?
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Why must i disable Mediacodec (which is apparently more stable/preferred) on my Amazon Fire TV for Family Guy to play properly (without lagging/messing up) - what is the deal?

Please someone answer me this...it's the only show that apparently lags REALLY bad (audio keeps going) it's SD and the file specs are not particularly that different HuhHuhHuh
Because it's not always more stable.

Stagefright and MediaCodec basically do the same thing but using two slightly different methods. Stagefright is a little more "hacky" from what I'm told, and MediaCodec will eventually replace it completely, in time as the code matures.
I'm on Gotham 13.2 - won't upgrade to Kodi until Refocus is complete and final on it. Thank you Ned for a quick response! Now I can sleep tonight (2:40 AM)

Just for clarification when you mean it's not always more stable - do you mean in general or only for Android it's not ALWAYS more stable?
MediaCodec only exists on Android.
Don't no if that was reported before, but it seems is more thing of Android and not Kodi related..

I have several Media players Android, and all exhibit some issue with MediaCodec in my system.

Im getting pink screen with mediacodec ON in the following players (its easy to replicate, but they all trigger differently with different content )
Nvidia Shield, X6PRO , Wetek 4K, Open Hour Gecko, and i had confirmation from Rasperry PI user.