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Full Version: Project Mayhem 1 Remix (the original enhanced)
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New Updated version of Project Mayhem 1 has quite a few fixes over the last version and added some extra features as well as trimming the fat off the xpr file and giving it better HiDef support Smile Named it Remix so people can still keep the old version I posted on there xbox as well since its more true to the original.

Please tell me if you find any bugs in it because I will fix them


Screenshot of 480p

Screenshot of 720p

Screenshot of 1080i

Changes since the last version out (Newest @ the top)
Quote:2006-08-08 Fixed some of the widths of images in 16x9 so they display proper in Hidef
2006-08-12 Got and installed the proper font verion with the fixed width numbers so things line up better
2006-08-08 Fished animating 16x9
2006-08-08 Converted the main font into a truetype font instead of an XPR makes support for Hidef easier and uses less memory
2006-08-08 Removed the 16x9 background images because they were just squashed up 4x3 ones, now uses the 4x3 ones for better quality
2006-08-07 Ported all the new stuff to 16x9
2006-07-28 Added toggleable weather display to the home screen
2006-07-28 Added ListItem Icon
2006-07-25 Added Visualisation option to window background
2006-07-25 Added advanced settings menu for new skins options
2006-07-25 Added animation to all the 4x3 stuff onto 16x9 now
2006-07-23 Added Play disc and Logoff buttons to the main screen and redid the images for them see thay all match also added description text under the new buttons
2006-07-20 Fixed that the theme had no default Icons for Music cover and Scripts
2006-07-18 Fixed up all the 16x9 stuff now
2006-07-17 Jezz_X Redid the whole damn thing to make it compatible with xbmc version 2 skinning Smile well pal 4x3 for now will get to 16x9 later
Wow, you really gave an old skin new life.

I was playing around with it for a bit, and couldn't find any bugs. Profiles works great. The window transitions are nice and fast, and the animation gives it a smooth feel.

I'm viewing the skin on a 32" CRT, standard resolution.

Your work to date is fantastic! Nod