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Full Version: Channel group config
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I have a twin DVB-T2 and twin DVB-S2 card setup in Argus TV version 2.3

I live in the UK and have very many channels to sort out.

In Argus TV I have setup 2 TV groups (called TV DVB-S and TV DVB-T) which contain only the channels which I want to watch and which have EPG data.

Also 2 Radio groups are similarly setup (called Radio DVB-S and Radio DVB-T).

I will probably sort these groups out later to have a groups for say Films, Sport, News etc but at the moment this is how it is as it was trivial to filter these groups in Argus TV.

Anyway when I configure the Kodi plugin (version 1.9.185) it connects to the Argus TV just fine but the channel group handling doesn't seem to be working well (on my setup at least).

1. Radio groups are NOT found and only an All channels group shows up.

2. TV groups ARE found but also included is the All channels group. This contains all of the channels from Argus TV - most of which I have hidden as they are encrypted, are duplicates, have no epg or I dont want to watch them.

3. When I go to the TV guide it is the All channels group which is shown (I think) and I cant seem to see a way of deleting this group in the plugin to make my carefully crafted groups show up.

4. The Kodi plugin seems to include a means of editing channel lists but this doesn't seem to be working on my setup. Only the top channel data is displayed in the plugin and no other channel seems to be editable. Not that editing channels via the plugin is optimal anyway as the Argus TV spreadsheet like interface make this much easier.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour.

Any pointers on a best practice means of setting up this plugin.