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Full Version: UPnP watched status
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I have an intel nuc running xbmcbuntu. I have my server mounted with sshfs, and access the files in xbmc by going to videos > files > [mysshfs mount], I just have a simple file list, I don't have them scraped into the library or anything, the watched checkmarks were always enough to keep me organized.

I recently repurposed my old laptop into another xbmc device running xbmcbuntu. I set it up so that the laptop has the nuc as a upnp source. It was my understanding that with this setup, that the watched checkmarks would be synchronized, however on the laptop I get no watched checkmarks at all with the upnp source (even if I watch a file I get no chechmark), and if I watch something on the laptop I don't get a watched checkmark for it on the nuc either.

Is this possible with xbmc's upnp or did I misunderstand? I'd like a way to sync watched status without overly complicated stuff like shared mysql databases. many of the addon based solutions I've found are stuff like trakd that seem to only work if you have a 'library', and depend on imdb information etc... which I don't want.

they are both running xbmc 14.0 helix
Watched checkmarks are only used on library items through UPnP. They're not updated/used for the plain flies listing when accessed through UPnP.