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Full Version: Act like a PC
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Hi ,

I have moved from a HTPC to an Amazon Fire TV box, I notice on thing though and it is as follows:

On the HTPC if I view/stream a video from the internet and pause it at the beginning in five minutes or so when I continue playback I notice that its fully loaded and I can view the entire video, how can I replicate this on my set top box?

What I want to do is let the setup box load the entire video for playback it only now loads like 2 - 6 minutes of playback ahead of the current playing position.

The Fire TV box has a lot less RAM than your PC, most likely. While it is possible to increase this by using the internal drive space, I wouldn't recommend it for a Fire TV Box because there's very little space internally, and videos will just stop playing if the cache fills up unexpectedly.
Thank you