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Full Version: Upgrading XBMC Windows Portable with MySQL to Kodi
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What is the recommended method of upgrading XBMC to Kodi for a Windows PC running XBMC 13.2 Portable and sharing MySQL database with an Amazon FireTV?
There are several methods possible:
  1. Install Kodi in a new folder and choose negative on any question about migrating the settings. After installation copy the portable_data folder to the new Kodi folder and start Kodi in portable mode. On first run, Kodi will copy and convert the MySQL database leaving the old one in tact. This way you can run both versions unless you are ready to throw away the old XBMC environment.
  2. Install Kodi in the same folder as your old XBMC. Accept to migrate the user settings in that folder. This also creates a new converted MySQL database but removes your current XBMC version.

The first option is the safest and is also recommended if you want to try out beta/nightly versions. The second one is fine if you are sure you want to replace your old version with the new.

my 2 cents.