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Full Version: Check for add-on updates crashes Kodi
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To start clean I stopped Kodi, renamed the .kodi directory and rebooted. Then I navigated to System / Settings / Add-ons and klicked "Check for updates". Kodi crashed immediately.
kodi_crashlog.log http://sprunge.us/VYhQ

I then enabled debug logging, rebooted and did another "Check for updates". This time Kodi shows "working" for about 30 seconds, then it crashes.
kodi_crashlog.log + debug http://sprunge.us/PNXO

It works when Kodi automatically checks for updates since add-ons are actually updated and the last checked date changes.

I can't reproduce this on Linux x86 32bit so it might be specific to OpenELEC 5 or even OE on Raspberry Pi.