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Full Version: Playlist for movie chapters
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I have searched the forums, Google, etc., and have yet to find a specific discussion around creating a playlist of movie chapters? Is this possible? Can anyone point me to the right thread/topic/search term or plugin?

In this particular case, I'd like to create a playlist of Disney songs for my kids from my Disney collection.

I'm not afraid of difficult editing, or even creating a plugin if that's what's needed. I definitely don't want to reinvent the wheel if it's already possible.
This might depend on which kind of movie we are talking to (dvd or bluray)

If you know that the songs are in seperate chapters of the movie and you know the exact timestamp, you can use a command line tool (ffmpeg) to seperate those snippets and then create a video playlist of those files.

To play a movies chapter directlly is not possible afaik. Or better said, not out of the box. As you said you are able to code, you can do it for your own and maybe share the result Wink. I think this would be an interesting feature!!